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welcome to my ~ homepage

Hi yall, I'm new to this tilde space :)

I'm interested in DIY electronics. This small etching box took my tinkering to the next level. Double sided PCBs are a step up from veroboard madness.

Current Projects

LCR Tweezers

Recently I saw a professional LCR meter built like a tweezer. This piece of equipment is rather pricey and no where near my current financial situation. BUT! there is a DIY component tester built around the good ol' ATmega328P (and similiar). If you don't know this you should check it out: Original AVR Component Tester
You can get these for real cheap from the web (like 10 bucks) and they work fine. However until now no one has made the effort to package this into a tweezer, so here we go!
As of now the first prototype is ready. It's build from junk I had laying around and it works. The next steps are designing an enclosure and figuring out a way to make it work like a tweezer.