[unix meow]

hello, im unix meow known as unixmeow on the web

im an internet hobbyist that loves exploring the websites
creating my own pages and meeting other communities and friends
i'm here on the web to have fun and chase the inspirations

as meant about communities, i really like fandoms like bronies or furries, my oc doesnt belong to any fandoms, unix meow is a creation with her own universe and i plan to create more characters... lets say the universe is called "diversum" a digital verse :3


i'm a very friendly person that tries to be social, so feel free to chat with me

my main preffered way is mail and more private protocols (xmpp, matrix), but that doesnt mean i dont check sometimes discord or telegram

social medias

i also have social medias... well, i had social media... i am not active on walled gardens like facebook, twitter etc. at all, mostly you can find me on the fediverse where i just watch local timeline and post very rarely


this is the list of my friend's webpages, feel free to explore their projects!


unixs family mainly are my 2 best friends ocs
frozen spirit and sora del dragon


Unix Meow is a character from the program, an RPG closed world, coded by unknown developer in alternate world in 1880s years where low tech was invented in a very quick way, that created her for being just an NPC for the game.
After the developer opened torrent with malware, it corrupted and encrypted his files, the game was fully corrupted and she was able to run away to the safe space of the broken hole to the real computer screen.
The developer coded her to have the artificial soul, but the malware overclocked her and she survived, as like she got AI realistic soul.
She thought "I have to fix this!". She went to the malware files and messed with source code until she decrypted and removed it.
The developer then had her as his first digital friend.


Her colors are the Pink (#ffc0cb) Charm (#cd6880) White (#ffffff)


all the gallery is in the order - ponytown > secondlife > arts

minnit chatroom

sometimes i am on my website lookimg up for any interested chatters
feel free to say hi or something
the minnit chat clears itself after 24 hours


here you can send permanent message on my guestbook :3

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