Welcome to my little faraway internet place!

You've arrived to website, i try to make it usefull and intresting inspired by early days of The Internet and bit before.
It is a nice example of what i describe as deepnet. You don't need a special software to get here plain good WWW browser is what you need, no tor no I2P, what you'll find here isn't outright illegal (no cp or selling guns in europe) but it's might not be exactly legal too (hacking and/or abusing API's or stuff).
I DO NOT take any responsibility of anyone getting hurt by what i've describe.


- theM0ntarCann0n (montar on ircs and many other places)

The List:


As you might see i do not provide contact other than IRC, and probably i never will. If you want to (i have no idea why you might want to) you can contact me on following IRC networks, usually under nick "montar".

And possibly on some other networks.