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Hi, I'm Kestral. I care deeply about a free and open web, fundamental rights for all humans, and that borders and governments generally cause more harm than good.

I'm a tech enthusiast, AI ethicist, author, lecturer, demoscener, playwright, researcher, and advocate. Blending code with compassion, stories with impact, and food with other, tastier food. Attempting to make the digital world more human, one step at a time.

My work-focussed professional homepage is at, and you can find me talking general nonsense over on the fediverse instance.

If you want to reach out, please do so via Mastodon. I always love making new friends!


- Created a gemini version of the site and blog!
- Connected the site to the FediRing.
- Added the new blog section to the website.
- Created an online version of my catalogue of vintage technology.


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